Kaytetye recorded in 1959 by Professor Ken Hale

This collection consists of Kaytetye words and sentences as well as a story. The Kaytetye was spoken by six men, many of whom spoke other central Australian languages, including Anmatyerr, Alyawarr, Western Arrernte and Warlpiri. The speakers were probably born some time between 1910–1925. As far as we know, these are the first recordings of the Kaytetye language.

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Kaytetye Speaker Recorded at On recording
Louis Penangke Elliott 4556
Lindsay Woods Barrow Creek 4560 (most)
Peter Barrow Creek 4560 (at end), 4561, 4562, 4563 (most)
Chablow Peltharr Murry Downs, Mperlatwaty 4563 (at end), 4564, 4566
Bob Kemarre Barrow Creek 4565 (first part)
Physic Kemarre Barrow Creek 4565 (last part)
Ken Hale recordings Stories

Note: Permission to publish the stories here has been given by descendants of the speakers. While every effort has been made to contact the closest next of kin, this may not have always been achieved. Should you have any queries contact myfany.turpin@sydney.edu.au.